7 useful tips for IELTS test

I.   T i p s   f o r  I d e n t i f y i n g  I n f o r m a t i o n  a n d t  h e
W r i t e r ' s  V i e w s  i n  t h e  I E L T S  R e a d i n g  M o d u l e

When you see questions in IELTS reading that require you to determine certain
information and the writer's views, keep the following in mind:
1.    Skim the reading passage so you would be able  to get the general idea of
the content.
2.    Try to match the statements/questions with the ones contained in the
passage. Be careful because the ideas in the statements/questions most
probably won't be using the same words in the passage. Your skill of looking
for synonyms would be wise here.

135 typical IELTS Speaking Part One questions.

135 typical IELTS Speaking Part One questions

The statements below are very approximately in order by the most likely topic and the most likely questions within each topic. That will mean that topics low in the list and questions low in each list are fairly unlikely, but they are given anyway to give some idea of the potential variability of IELTS questions. As the IELTS questions changed all the time and are no longer published, there will certainly be questions in the exam that are not in the list below, as well as some that are similar but stated differently and maybe some topics that are not here.

How to write IELTS Essay. Examples and redundant words. Examples 101 - 114

Topic 101: The children who grow up in a family short of money are more capable of dealing with problems in adult life than children who are brought up by wealthy parents. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Of those elements that bear a considerable influence on children's personal development, one of the most influential is family background. There is a perception that the children who grow up in an impoverished family are more capable of solving problems than those from an affluent family. In my opinion, it might not always be the case.

How to write IELTS Essay. Examples and redundant words. Examples 81 - 100

Topic 81: Wearing uniforms is popular in schools, but some people argue that it might cause damage to children's individuality. What is your opinion?

Wearing school uniforms is a norm in elementary and secondary schools in many countries. Although students are advised to follow this convention, it is a subject of debate whether wearing uniforms should be made compulsory or not. In my opinion, designating and standardising student wardrobe has numerous advantages.

How to write IELTS Essay. Examples and redundant words. Examples 61 - 80

Topic 61: Some people strongly oppose animal experimentation, believing that it causes pain to animals, while some other people consider it necessary. What is your opinion?
Perhaps no subject in the moral community is as controversial as animal testing. Animals, many people believe, merit more humane treatment. When animal-based experiments have long been the centre of criticism, I am of the opinion that such experiments are essential to both the well-being of human beings and that of animals.

How to write IELTS Essay. Examples and redundant words. Examples 41 - 60

Topic 41: Today, people are getting greedy and selfish. Some people argue that we should go back to the old days, and show respect for the family and community, so that we can make the world a better place to live in. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Perhaps the tendency inward individualism has never been clearer than it is now. People seem to become increasingly self-centred and snobbish. I side with those people who believe that reviving the bygone concept of family and community is important

How to write IELTS Essay. Examples and redundant words. Examples 21 - 40

Topic 21: Nowadays people can carry out tasks such as shopping and banking even business transactions without meeting each other face to face. What are the effects on individuals and the society?(IELTS Essay example)

With the wide use of the Internet, the way people conduct business and live their lives has vastly changed. Many businesses have websites that allow people to conduct business, execute deals and finish transactions online, as an alternative to a lengthy commute. Although people are thus free from the constraints of geography and time, there are some consequences of this trend that demand attention.