Part Three of the Speaking Test.

The format
You know when Part Three has started because you will hear the examiner say:
Ok we've just been talking about (public transport) and now like to ask you one or two general questions related to this topic. So first of all let’s talk about…
Part Three should take 4-5 minutes. This includes the time it takes for the examiner to introduce topics and ask questions.
It is important to realize that in Part Three the focus of questions and topics changes.
As we have already seen, in Part One and Part Two the focus of the topics and questions is "you" or "your life".

                Part One                                              Part Two

Do YOU like...                                     Describe YOUR favorite

How often do YOU...                         Describe something YOU like doing...

Tell me about X in YOUR city.         Describe something that is popular in YOUR country

In Part Three, there is a definite change in the focus. The questions are no longer about you or your life. The general focus of Part Three is "other people" or "society in general". The questions in Part Three may be based on things in your country, things in general (no particular place) or they may be about global issues.

There is a direct relationship between your Part Two topic and your Part Three topics. However, it is important to realize that your Part Three topics will not be exactly the same as your Part Two topic.
For example, in Part Two your topic was:
Describe an interesting trip you have been on.
(You described a trip to Hong Kong.)
In Part Three, your examiner might ask you questions about:
Different types of trips and holidays
Travelling abroad / travelling in your own country
The importance of tourism
The examiner will NOT ask about:
Travelling to Hong Kong
Your favorite ways of travelling
Why you like travelling
This aspect of Part Three is important to understand because the content of your answers must be based on "general ideas" and not your "personal information".
It is important to remember that your ideas are not being tested - the examiner is only testing your ability to express your ideas in spoken English.
Candidates who continue to talk about themselves in Part Three will lose marks.
Part Three questions and strategies are given in the other post.